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Brush cutting is a quick and easy way to remove overgrown grass, brambles and nettles, with a circular saw blade fitted.  The brushcutter can be used to remove unwanted saplings or overgrown shrubs and in other cases it can be used as a strimmer to neaten up the edges of a lawn or for clearing large or inaccessible areas such as slopes which are to steep for a mower.

I take on every aspect of hedge trimming and maintenance from over grown hedges which need to be topped to already well maintained hedges just requiring a trim.

By providing a service that continues through the early spring. I can prevent the sudden need for garden maintenance that is often encountered each spring ~ thus spreading the workload and costs.


Ground cultivation. Preparation for growing season. Pruning and planting. Application of feed, weed and fertilising chemicals.

Apply mulches and fertilisers. Late pruning and dead wood clearing. Continued maintenance and tidying. Ground cultivation and digging over.

Landscaping projects. Lawn and grass maintenance. Leaf clearing. Winter Preparation. Pruning, Hedge Cutting and Cultivating.

Grass and lawn care. Border Maintenance and weeding. Plant care/watering. Hedge trimming. Application of weed killer and general maintenance.


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